Three Reasons To Own A Sela Rain Barrel

Friday, April 14th, 2017 by Sela Gutter

1. Rain Barrels Save Water
The most obvious reason to own a rain barrel is that it will save a lot of water. A single standard 55 gallon rain barrel is easily filled by as little as half an inch of rain and can provide over 1,300 gallons of fresh water during the growing season. This allows you to save tap water for drinking and cooking while using rain water for other purposes such as irrigation, gardening, and cleaning.

Three Reasons To Own A Sela Rain Barrel - Image 1

2. Rain Barrels are Good for the Environment
Rain barrels reduce storm runoff which can pick up chemicals such as oils, pesticides, fertilizer, and other pollutants and carry these contaminants into local bodies of water. Collecting storm runoff also mitigates soil erosion. Finally, using a rain barrel instead of water from the municipal supply reduces the large amounts of energy used for the extensive water treatment process.

3. Rain Barrels are a Great Source of Soft Water
Unlike municipal water which is treated, rain water is free from additives such as chlorine and fluoride that can harm plants and contaminate soil. Rain water is healthier for plants, making rain barrels ideal for use with a garden. Rain water is also free of salts and other chemicals found in tap water and can be safely used for cleaning your car or even your pets. Using soft rain water for irrigation washes away harmful salts in your garden's soil as well, keeping it nutrient-rich and perfect for growing plants.

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