Work Requests in Lakeville

Sela Gutter Connection is dedicated to helping our community by always providing exceptional customer service, quality craftsmanship, and reliable products. It's how we've built our reputation for excellence in Lakeville. Learn more about Sela Gutter Connection's recent work requests in Lakeville and nearby areas!

Learn more about Sela Gutter Connection's recent work requests in Lakeville, MN
Vicinity of Envoy Way in Lakeville
Looking for a quote on gutters to have installed this spring.
Vicinity of Impala Ave. in Lakeville
Looking for a quote on gutters for the front and back of the home. Do not want a downspout running down by the front door - other companies have suggested running the gutter across the front porch (others in the neighborhood are like this) Would want to do the same. Thanks!
Vicinity of Iden Way in Lakeville
Need to get and estimated on the gutter
Vicinity of Ipswich Way in Lakeville
Would like an estimate for new gutters in current positions and possibly one new position. Would like to know if you have products that cover the gutters
Vicinity of Gunnison Drive in Lakeville
Looking for gutters around the entire house. Would like to not have a downspout by the front porch.
Vicinity of Glanshaw Ave in Lakeville
Moved into a new construction home and we need gutters for the whole house.
Vicinity of Ipswich Way in Lakeville
Problems with front entry gutters. Can't handle the volume of water coming from the roof.
Vicinity of Goldenview Avenue in Lakeville
I need new seamless gutters installed on my house with leafguard.
Vicinity of July Ct in Lakeville
Looking for estimate for gutter installation on new home -- 6 in, white, no leaf guard
Vicinity of in Lakeville
Need gutters on 2nd floor only. 2, 25 ft straight runs with 1 downspout each.
Vicinity of in Lakeville
Hello, I will first say I prefer to be contacted via email please. We have a home located in the country in Lakeville. It is a rambler/walk out, custom built 5 years ago. We have an on going issue with rain and ice, mainly in the front porch areas and across the third stall garage. Looking for a quote as we know his issue needs to be addressed, sooner than later.
Vicinity of Birch Lane in Lakeville
Need seemless gutters with leaf guard
Vicinity of Greenwood Court in Lakeville
We just need some gutter/downspout maintenance in a few areas, as well as a recommendation for future work.
Vicinity of Duluth Trail in Lakeville
New construction. Please take a good look at the points in front that pours right onto whomever might be standing there. As well as on the back deck as well. I know from the past you guys are a good quality company so I am hoping that you come in as a real number not a high number so we can negotiate but a real number as I have two other Companies out there to bid.
Vicinity of Ibarra Trail in Lakeville
Need gutters installed
Vicinity of in Lakeville
New home needs gutter installation
Vicinity of Woodhill Drive in Lakeville
I am looking for an estimate for gutter guards on our home. Thanks!
Vicinity of Grinnell Ave in Lakeville
Need a new roof. Have existing gutters, but would like a guard installed as well.
Vicinity of Greenbriar Court in Lakeville
Looking to get a quote for gutter options for a home we are in the process of purchasing. We have completed inspection and our closing is scheduled for 4/20/17. We are pricing out gutter options and considering installation shortly after closing.
Vicinity of Iden Way in Lakeville
Looking for gutter installation quote.
Vicinity of Gleaming Court in Lakeville
New home, and we would like to see what an estimate to install gutters looks like.
Vicinity of Envoy Way in Lakeville
Would like to get an estimate for gutter installation on our new home. Thanks!
Vicinity of Ipswich Way in Lakeville
Replace gutters & add in certain areas
Vicinity of Hutchinson Drive in Lakeville
We are looking to add additional gutters on our home.
Vicinity of Kennard Ct in Lakeville
1. Primarly Install new gutters 2. Fix only one siding
Vicinity of Dynamic Drive in Lakeville
Install gutters and leaf guards on residence. Issues with pooling at foundation from rain.
Vicinity of in Lakeville
Hello, I'm looking to get gutters on my house and would like to get a estimate. Thanks!
Vicinity of Envoy Way in Lakeville
We currently don't have any gutters on our house. I'd like an estimate to have them installed. Does someone have to be home for this estimate? Thanks for your help.
Vicinity of Java Ln in Lakeville
Looking at residing my home. Old siding showing signs of wear and tear
Vicinity of Jewel Ct. in Lakeville
New house need a quote on gutters.
Vicinity of Greenwood CT in Lakeville
Need new gutters.
Vicinity of Javelin Ave in Lakeville
Need quote for new gutter system on house, currently have partial system, need to remove old and install new
Vicinity of Kirben Ave in Lakeville
Just need a bid on seamless gutters with gutter covers. Rambler style...just two straight shots.
Vicinity of Grove Ave in Lakeville
I am interested in gutters for my house and looking for a quote.
Vicinity of Envoy Way in Lakeville
We are looking for a quote to install gutters on our newly constructed home. Wondering if we could have someone out this Friday April 1st. Thanks, Eric
Vicinity of Idlewood Way in Lakeville
Looking to add gutters on two short expanses of the roof (north side) in the back of the house. Just purchased the house in December. Thanks