Learn more about Sela Gutter Connection's recent work requests in Minneapolis, MN
Browndale Ave. in Minneapolis
We need to have our gutters covered. Thank you.
Zane Ave No in Minneapolis
Front gutter has a dent in it and needs to be replaced
in Minneapolis
Tyler St NE in Minneapolis
Gutters on the house and garage
in Minneapolis
Interested in an estimate of Soffits Fascia, and gutters for the house. We currently have none, and wood soffits and fascia.
Vincent Ave N in Minneapolis
I have an older stucco home in north Minneapolis. It has aluminum trim around the windows and doors and facia. It's faded and in bad condition. I would like an estimate to find out what my options are for replacing the current trim and what the cost would be.
in Minneapolis
Hi, we'd like to get quotes on the following for our garage: 1. Gutters on the north and east side with one downspout 2. Re-siding 3. Installation of a vent in the roof Thanks.
in Minneapolis
Downspouts are broken and there are areas in the gutter corners/overhangs where there seems to be leaking.
in Minneapolis
I need new gutters and am interested in seamless. I've got two 25' stretches of gutter, each with a 90-degree corner, on the first-floor level of a single-family home in the Seward neighborhood of Mpls. I also have two straight runs, roughly 10' each, at the second floor level. Thanks!
Thomas Ave North in Minneapolis
I need to get a quote to put gutters on my house.
Emerson Ave North in Minneapolis
Hey there, I was wonder on a price for adding gutters to my garage, It's going be a total 56 ft with the front and the back of the garage, I can send pictures as well. Thank you
in Minneapolis
23 year old seamless aluminum gutters on house and on garage with some leaks at a few corners. History of ice dams that may have affected soffit and fascia on east and west sides of house. Dented down spouts at several corners. Would like to replace gutters and have soffits and fascia repaired if needed.
in Minneapolis
I am looking for a gutter guard to be installed on one gutter facing the front of my home that is too high (20ft) and awkward for me to reach myself.
in Minneapolis
Gutter cleaning and repair. Quote for replacing gutters and sofits after inspection for need. Thanks, Nicole
in Minneapolis
Considering new gutters
in Minneapolis
Soffit and gutter system need replacing on my 1949 home. Also need new side access door on my detached garage and trim wrap around large door.
in Minneapolis
I don't want to have to clean out my gutters anymore
Columbus Ave in Minneapolis
We have a gutter that was damaged by ice this last winter. It is partially off the house twisted and does not drain/collect the drainage properly.
Oliver Ave North in Minneapolis
No current gutters. Would like seamless aluminum.
in Minneapolis
We are looking to have our gutters replaced.
in Minneapolis
Just looking for estimate on gutter replacement.
Zanzibar Lane N in Minneapolis
Like to get an estimate on replacing my existing gutters and downspouts.
Brookside Avenue in Minneapolis
Need new gutters
Nokomis in Minneapolis
Looking to replace my gutters on a two-story home in South Minneapolis. Please let me know what information you need to provide a quote!
Lyndale Ave S in Minneapolis
Looking for quote on seamless gutter for 1. East side of pitched garage roof(about 25 ft) 2. South side of 2nd floor flat room (about 18 ft) and 3. South side of screened in porch (about 16 ft). Thanks!
Xerxes Ave S in Minneapolis
I'm looking for an estimate for gutters for the front of my house, which currently has none. I'm in south Minneapolis. The roof is about two years old. The house is 32' wide, and there is ~10 foot cutback partway through. I'd also want leaf guards. Just looking for a ballpark figure here, thank you.
Girard Avenue South in Minneapolis
We need a gutter and down spout installed on our house.
Irving Ave N in Minneapolis
I need a quote to replace my gutters and downspouts on my Tudor style home.
Ridgewood Avenue in Minneapolis
Need new gutters
Walton Pond Circle in Minneapolis
Looking for gutters to be put on our home.
Upton Ave S in Minneapolis
I need gutters installed in my house(there is nothing in place). It is a 1 1/2 story house with a detached 2 car garage. I am flexible with timing, not in a rush. Would like free estimate of the +/- cost for a simple but durable gutter system.
in Minneapolis
Need new seamless gutter for above 2 rental properties
in Minneapolis
Water has gotten into the basement, neighbor has told me the previous owner had issues with the gutters in the past.
in Minneapolis
We have an area of gutters over our back steps that leaks whenever there is heavy rain or snow melt. Think that the gutters in this space need to be replaced and/or rerouted to solve this issue. Would like to get a recommendation on best ways to fix this issue and quotes on the option(s). Thanks!
Morgan Ave N in Minneapolis
Would like to talk about gutters for my small, detached, 1.5 car garage!
Aldrich Ave S in Minneapolis
We would like an estimate for gutters on our house.
Nordic Circle in Minneapolis
I would like gutters installed on the south side of my home. Also, please look at extending existing downspouts and making sure the flow is correct in the Northeast corner where several rooflines connect. Thank you.
CHowen in Minneapolis
Garage needs new gutters (does not currently have them) - detached
Eagle St Nw in Minneapolis
I live in a townhouse and would like to get a quote for gutters.
Kentucky Ln in Minneapolis
I just bought this house from a flip company. There are no gutters. I would like to have some good quality gutters installed.
Morgan Ave S in Minneapolis
​​​​​​Hello, I found your company online and I believe I am in need of gutter repair. On the back of our house there is some wood rot perhaps from the gutters leaking water which then absorbed into the wood. Siding runs horizontal on this part of the house, but there are vertical wooden boards between the windows. At a minimum it looks like the rotted wooden boards between the windows would need to be replaced and perhaps there is a more durable material that could be used when replacing. I wanted to see if I could get a fee estimate and I was also wondering if you provide services during the winter? I live in southwest Minneapolis and I can provide pictures if it would be helpful. Let me know if you have any questions. Thanks!
Washington St NE in Minneapolis
I would like to receive a quote to replace the gutters and downspouts on my two story home. The gutter replacement will be approximately 200-225 linear feet with about 140 feet on the ground level. I am also interested in receiving a quote for gutter guard installation.
East Lake Of The Isles Pkwy in Minneapolis
Need gutter screens or covers
in Minneapolis
We have a cedar tree next to the house that clogs our gutters.
Magnolia Ln N in Minneapolis
Our front gutters are clogged & they are old and don't slope correctly. We also need to add gutters to the back of the house.
in Minneapolis
I see a deal for new customers on a mailer I received. Interested in Gutters on my home.
Washburn Ave N in Minneapolis
Leafs clugging gutters.
in Minneapolis
Need gutters replaced - storm damage.
MADISON ST. NE in Minneapolis
Currently shopping around for multiple quotes to have gutters installed.
in Minneapolis
Need gutters replaced on our duplex.
Polk St NE in Minneapolis
I'm looking for an estimate to replace all existing gutters and add gutters to an added attached garage. I'm planning on having the existing gutters removed to make painting easier so I will not need removal as part of the estimate.
Pleasant Ave in Minneapolis
Newly remodeled home. Looking for estimate to install gutter and downspouts where needed.
Oliver Avenue South in Minneapolis
Need new Maintenance free gutters on the home and to have the old metal gutters removed. Want to have the gutters that don't need to be cleaned.
Abbott Place in Minneapolis
We'd like to consider leaf guards on our gutters. Also we need to replace a downspout Thank you
Lyndale Ave in Minneapolis
The building does not have gutters, we would like some gutters to help reduce water getting into the basement.
Hillendale Road in Minneapolis
Would like to install gutters and downspouts on one car garage, check all gutters and downspouts for proper pitch and function, and repair two downspout areas so that water is carried away from foundation.
in Minneapolis
We need to replace our current gutters and some pieces of soffit that have been damaged.
Emerson Ave N in Minneapolis
in Minneapolis
We need gutters, with protective covers (maple tree seeds and leaves), along the two edges of our roof that drain (run off) along the foundation on either side of the house. These won't be that long (approximately 15 to 20 feet each). Also, we need a downspout drain piece replaced (it's been smashed). There's also a stained area of our white siding on the front of the house by our door (we can't get it clean). I'd like a suggestion what we can do about it.
Xerxes Ave S in Minneapolis
Front side of house is gutterless. Would like estimate on solution.
Browndale Ave. in Minneapolis
I need downspout repaired or replaced. I fell on mine and squashed it.
Benjamin St NE in Minneapolis
New gutters and down spouts
Washburn Ave South in Minneapolis
I need a single gutter on my garage; no gutter currently present
in Minneapolis
Looking for an estimate on installing around 60ft of rain gutters. Thank you
Thomas Ave South in Minneapolis
I need new either gutters or have my gutters cleaned and guards installed
in Minneapolis
We are looking at replacing our gutters and downspouts with a leaf protection.
in Minneapolis
I would like a quote on gutter, and down spouts installation.
in Minneapolis
Need quote for seamless and copper gutters
Harding Street NE in Minneapolis
Need roughly 72' of seamless gutters on 1 1/2 story cape cod, downspouts will empty into rain barrels
Milwaukee Avenue in Minneapolis
We want gutter protection installed on existing gutters.
in Minneapolis
My partner and I are moving into a new house that does not have gutters. We would like a quote for gutters installed on the house and garage.
Columbus Ave in Minneapolis
We need gutters
Adair Avenue North in Minneapolis
Gutter installation over front of house.
in Minneapolis
Do not currently have gutters or a way to divert water from house. Would like estimate on gutters and downspout for house.
Jersey Ave N in Minneapolis
I had Sela gutters with guards installed a number of years ago and I believe that they are plugged. I see water overflowing at the front of my house spilling over the awning whenever it rains. Would you be able to have someone come out and check on this?
Logan Ave S in Minneapolis
We are looking to replace our gutters on our home. We have some damage on our front gutter and also the gutter on our 2 car detached garage. Looking for a quote with potential replacement options and cost to install. I am generally more available via email to get in contact with. Thank you
Benjamin St NE in Minneapolis
We would like a gutter along the front of the house above the front door. The water from the roof is deteriorating the front step.
in Minneapolis
Need new gutters on front and rear of home. Would like to do the rear first since they are leaking badly.
in Minneapolis
Need gutters put on the front of my home.
Knox Ave N in Minneapolis
New gutters
Drew Avenue S. in Minneapolis
1) Gutter on the back of the house is leaking in one corner. I have been unable to stop the leak. Wood in the eave in contact with the leaking corner is water damaged and needs to be replaced. 2) Gutter on the front of the house has old screens screwed into the gutter that are difficult to remove when cleaning is needed. I would like to get some type of cover on the front gutter so that I won't need to clean it in the future. 3) There is a small section of gutter on the northwest corner of the house that needs some type of cover. Because of an inside corner at a joint in the roof I've been unable to get a cover to stay in place. As a result, I have to clean the gutter often.
in Minneapolis
I would like to have gutters installed in the next few weeks ideally. I hope to get a quote within 2 business days. Thank you!
in Minneapolis
We need to replace three downspouts.
Evergreen Ave N in Minneapolis
New Gutters on the back of my house and replacement of gutters on the front of my house
Jersey Ave N in Minneapolis
Hi, Looking for a quote on gutters on the upper part of my house. The lower split already has them. Just looking for the basics, white with a few downspouts. I work at home a few days a week if someone needs to be around for measurements. Thanks!
in Minneapolis
Our church building (Word of Grace Baptist Church) has old gutters that are deteriorated. The rain is coming straight through the horizontal gutters at places and coming into the basement. We would like to get an estimate for fixing/replacing these gutters if possible. Thanks.
Avocet Circle NW in Minneapolis
Putting in new gutters, approx 140 feet needed and 3-4 downspouts.
Chowen Avenue South in Minneapolis
Looking to have white aluminum gutters / downspouts installed on Garage only. Both sides. Garage is 22' long
Park Ave in Minneapolis
Overflowing gutters. Want to discuss replacement, redesign, and possibly covers
in Minneapolis
I would like to get an estimate for gutters. Thanks.
Russell Av N in Minneapolis
Non-profit in N. Minneapolis. We own two old buildings and need some repairs. Currently some of our gutters are copper.
East Danube Road in Minneapolis
New construction- need gutters on my home. Would like some sort of leaf protection options too.
in Minneapolis
Should be a fairly standard rain gutter installation on 2 story house
Aldrich Ave. S. in Minneapolis
Hampshire Ave N in Minneapolis
My gutters need some work. There's a section above my power line that's starting to sag, and I'd like to get at least that taken care of soon.
Upton Ave N. in Minneapolis
I'm planning on reroofing my home and I need new gutters. (april or may)
in Minneapolis
Purchased a new build home that didn't have gutters on the home. Would like to price out gutters and covers as well. Thanks, Nate
Halifax Ave S in Minneapolis
I need an estimate for replacing my front (west side) existing gutters and on new gutters on the west, north and south side of my home.
Van Buren St Ne in Minneapolis
Purchasing new home which doesn't have gutters. Ranch home that is a rectangle, Gutters on the sides of house approximately 40 ft per the two sides and about 12 feet from ground.
Queen Ave N in Minneapolis
We need professional advice and opinions about our current gutters and down spouts and how they can be improved in order to get water further away from our house, as we get water in the basement and we believe our main issue is the drainage.
in Minneapolis
Hello, We've got some missing and unsecured downspouts that need repair/replacement and would like the gutters looked over to see if anything else needs repair to avoid getting moisture in the foundation. Thank you!
Hayes St NE in Minneapolis
Looking to have seamless gutters added to our house and garage. House is two story, approximately 1500 sqft. Detached garage is about 600 sqft. Looking to get an estimate, timing is very flexible.
Irving Avenue N in Minneapolis
Replace gutters and repair fascia as needed.
Idaho Ave S in Minneapolis
Gutter installation on a new stand-alone two-stall garage.
Fremont Ave South in Minneapolis
Looking for gutters on north and south sides of house to catch roof runoff. Rain noise plus directing water away from house are concerns
in Minneapolis
We are having a chimney removed from the back side of the house. Once removed, the siding needs to be filled in where the chimney was located. The current siding is the fiber cement siding straight edge with striated surface. The area is approximately 30 - 40 sq ft of exposed area once the chimney is gone.
in Minneapolis
Gutter replacement
in Minneapolis
I needed 20-30 feet of gutter installed with perhaps drain tile in one or two places running from front of house under sidewalk to front lawn.
Holmes Ave in Minneapolis
Need gutter repair after tree damage. Also looking to get estimate on gutter guard on two faces of home.
in Minneapolis
I would like to get an estimate on getting new gutters for my house
Linden Hills Blvd in Minneapolis
We have an old home and need to replace storm windows but want to match the style of the house.
Park Ave in Minneapolis
1) water problems in basement. not sure gutters are pitched or sized right on south side of house. 2) would consider replacing all to make sure they're matched and would like quote on the gutter guards as well
in Minneapolis
We are looking to repair and/or replace our aging and damaged gutters.
Skycroft Circle in Minneapolis
We are in need of 58 feet of gutters - for a total of 116 feet (front and back of home). We would also like a price for soffits and fascia. Either aluminum or steel. We are interested in 5"-6" seamless gutters in steel only. Thanks! -Holly
in Minneapolis
I just moved into a house with a broken window. I pulled the board off of it and it seems that the entire opening window pane is gone, so I don't think I can fix it, but I also don't want to break the bank having it done. Please send quote for about 2x2 window.
Quebec Ave N in Minneapolis
Gutters have a Leaf Proof cover that is now fully clogged and needs either cleaning or replacement. Can someone come by @ 5 PM on Friday to give us a quote. or perhaps come by when we are not home to scope the project and discuss by phone?
in Minneapolis
We do not currently have gutters and would like a quote to get some installed. Thanks, Laura
in Minneapolis
Hello, I am interested in replacing half the windows in my house. I am interested in an estimate. Email is the easiest way to communicate and setup a time. Some availability in the upcoming days. Sept 8 : after 3:30pm Sept 9 : 8 am - 2 pm Sept 10 : all day Sept 12-14 : after 3:30pm Thank you for your time, Matt Ewert
Aldrich Ave S in Minneapolis
We have downspouts that are covered in peeling lead paint. Are you able to remove those safely? We then would need new downspouts and would possibly want to clean out the gutters as well. Thanks!
in Minneapolis
We need a quote for a gutter for one side of our garage.
in Minneapolis
Hi I just need one downspout installed. Thanks.
Jordan Circle in Minneapolis
I would like to get a bid for LeafX gutter guards for my house.
Irving Ave S in Minneapolis
Our downspouts on the north side of the house are not draining rainwater far enough away from the foundation. Very small project, but we need an extension solution to move the water under the porch and deck in the front and back, respectively.
France Avenue N in Minneapolis
in Minneapolis
Our existing gutters have seen better days and we are looking to get them replaced.
Gleason Road in Minneapolis
Taking bids for new gutters and downspouts, garage doors, entry doors and potentially siding.
Fillmore ST NE in Minneapolis
Need gutters/downspouts added to my home and garage. about 150 linear feet of gutters needed to cover the entire home and one side of the garage. Looking for a cost and timing estimate to see if this is a project we can take on immediately. 3 of the sides of the house are about 20' high. The back of the house is closer to 30', because the house is built into a hill. The garage gutter would be less than 10' high. Thanks! Brian
Cedar Lake Place in Minneapolis
We have been in the house a year, and I plan to have the gutters and windows clean come fall. However, I see there are three places where the water is spilling out of the gutters. I also notice a woodpecker paying attention to one part of the wood just below the gutters, so I think the wood may need finishing. I cannot tell if the gutters are just full or damaged, but i think there is some damage. Would like to assess!
Regent Ave N in Minneapolis
Gutter in the back of our house is bent and pitched wrong causing water in the basement. Looking at getting that stretch of gutters replaced. Gutters are only 4 yrs old do wanting to keep the other sides.
Rhode Island Ave S in Minneapolis
We have old, plastic gutters and recenly sustained a large amount of water in our basement due to broken or improperly run gutters. We are looking to find a sturdy system to replace our current one.
Douglas Drive North in Minneapolis
Replace existing gutters and downspouts.
Upton Ave N in Minneapolis
Gutters on my house
in Minneapolis
Current gutters appear to be wearing out and rain leaks through broken seams. Looking to possibly repair but likely replace all gutters.
in Minneapolis
We are interested in a quote to install gutters to our home. We would also like options for buried drain pipes under sidewalk.
E. Calhoun Parkway in Minneapolis
Getting water in basement during heavy rain. Current gutters on the north side of house are inadequate. Need new gutters and replace old.
Abbott Ave S in Minneapolis
Our home was recently built (2013) without gutters. After we purchased the home last year, we have noticed that during heavy rainfall, the corners of the house create a bit of a "waterfall" effect that blasts the ground below and run-off from our overhangs splash the side of the house. We'd like gutters and downspouts to be professionally installed to address these issues. We also want to carefully plan downspout locations to route water away from our paver patio and to maintain a clean exterior aesthetic.
in Minneapolis
Looking to install gutters for my new home, Also interested underground downspout extension system
Washburn Ave N in Minneapolis
Hi, I would like someone to inspect my gutters and determine if replacement is required as I am having some basement water issues. Thanks, Ruth
Halifax Ave N in Minneapolis
Need an estimate for seamless gutters.
Chowen Ave S in Minneapolis
We would like to get a quote on gutter cleaning for the house and garage.
Chicago in Minneapolis
We are looking to replace and add gutters to our home. We also need facia and soffit work.
Polk St NE in Minneapolis
Need a quote for a new home gutter installation for the house and garage. Also to include proper drainage away from foundation.
Rustic Lodge West in Minneapolis
The house is old and has never had gutters. We would like to have gutters installed. There is also a tiny leak in the roof that needs addressing. I am hoping that both can be taken care of at the same time. I'd like to get an estimate asap
in Minneapolis
I'm looking to get gutters put on my house- I saw an ad of yours for 20% off a gutter job, and would like to get an estimate at your earliest convenience. Thanks!
in Minneapolis
Need an estimate for gutters and down spouts.
Wintergreen St NW in Minneapolis
Looking to get an estimate leaf guard gutters.
Oregon Ct in Minneapolis
Rain barrel installation quote
in Minneapolis
Install gutter system, along with micro screen guard, on garage along walkway and above front step entrance of existing home.
Abbott Ave. S. in Minneapolis
I need a seamless gutter with a gutter guard across the front of my three-car garage (emptying into the alley), over my back door and dog run (emptying into the space between my home and my neighbors), and over my front door (no downspout). I don't need gutters around the entire house.
in Minneapolis
Good morning, We would like to get an estimate for gutters for our home. Thanks, Jenny
McKinley St NE in Minneapolis
Looking to get a quote for new gutters and downspouts on my house. Approx. 54 feet of gutters and 75 feet of downspouts/extensions. White aluminum, K-style. Potentially interested in gutter guards and a rain barrel also. Thanks!
Dupont Ave N in Minneapolis
I need gutters on both sides of my 24 foot garage.
Princeton Avenue in Minneapolis
I have a leaking gutter area, would like someone to look at it and repair. Also have some siding that may need to be replaced (heat damage from a grill).
California St NE in Minneapolis
I would like an estimate to install gutters on my home.
Washburn Ave S in Minneapolis
Please provide an estimate for replacement white gutters with leaf guards. Thank you.
in Minneapolis
Need quote for gutter and down spout on back of home. Recommendation on if we need them on front of home.
Brighton Avenue Northea in Minneapolis
The gutters on my home need to be replaced, and I'm also interested in having leaf-guards installed. It's a single level home with approximately 100 feet or 30 meters of gutter, 2 inside and 6 outside corners.
Dahlia St NW in Minneapolis
I own a duplex that needs some gutters, its around 80' long and 40' wide. There are a ton of oak trees on the property so I need seamless and leaf guard. My concerns are how strong are they. Can a ladder be set against them without issue? The cost is always a concern as well. I am also interested on my personal home in Zimmerman perhaps a better rate can be given for 2 Jobs? Thanks, Nathan
Washburn Ave S in Minneapolis
- Looking to repair/replace some existing gutters. - Add gutters to garage - Install metal soffet (if you guys perform that service.)
Penn Avenue N in Minneapolis
Purchased home last October so I am not sure what is needed in addition to longer downspouts
in Minneapolis
Recently moved and our house has a few areas which seem to be missing gutters. Looking for a recommendation and estimate to achieve better coverage.
St. Paul Ave. in Minneapolis
I live in a townhouse with a total of 3 units and wish to get an estimate for the replacement of several cedar siding boards AND an estimate for gutter covers for all three units.
Grace Ter in Minneapolis
Need downspouts and extensions to be installed. Please call to discuss.
Gorgas Ave in Minneapolis
We are looking to have gutters added to one section of our home.
Lincoln St NE in Minneapolis
Our recently purchased house only has gutters installed on one side. We have been having issues with water intrusion in our basement - specifically on the side of the house that doesn't have gutters. We would like to have gutters installed before the rainy season gets into full swing!
in Minneapolis
Gutters are rusted through in many places. Water collects at end of back stairwell
in Minneapolis
Need gutter estimate. Please email instead of call.