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Sela Gutter Connection Case Studies: Is the exterior of your home hard to maintain? It could be your gutter system!

Wednesday, April 13th, 2016 by Alice Sharping


Debris-packed gutters in the fall can contribute to overflowing ice in the winter.  An ice dam can form and begin to seep under shingles, and the water can eventually make its way down into insulation and into walls where ceilings and sheetrock suffer damage.  Trees and shrubs, people, vehicles and pets can be damaged when an ice dam breaks free.  Not only can ice dams pull gutters away from houses and tear up shingles, but they can cause water damage inside your house.  It can be so bad that mold can form, becoming a health hazard for your entire family. Rotting and mildew can ultimately destroy your most expensive asset: your home. Call SELA Gutter Connection to prevent this expensive mess from forming in your home!


SELA Gutter Connection's professional installers can help prevent these problems by adding gutters and gutter covers to your home. Call us today for your FREE estimate!

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