Protect Your Gutters From Ice Damage

Tuesday, January 19th, 2016

Even though we have not had much of a winter so far, we still have plenty of time left to experience some significant snow and ice. If and when we do experience snow on our roof this winter, we could get a build up of ice that could be damaging to out gutters and our roof. The build up of ice can eventually lead to water leaking in, and causing interior damage. So what can we do to combat the ice and prolong the life of our gutters? First remove any debris that may be caught in the gutters, that would cause ice to build up. The warm breaks we are having this week will be a great time to do this, as it won't be frozen to the gutter. Remove any ice dams that may build up yourself or hire a professional to do this for you. If we do get snow this winter, taking these steps will assure that as the snow melts, the water will run off your roof, into your gutters and out the ground spouts to where you want it.

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