Benefits of Seamless Gutters

Friday, April 6th, 2012

Benefits of Seamless Gutters - Image 1

For decades,gutters were mostly manufactured the same way, steel pieces were soldered/welded together where the seams met. All that changed with the advent of aluminum gutters that required little more than snap-on fasteners. The advantage of this was that they could be installed without difficulty, often in the space of an afternoon. The problem, however, was that these gutters also brought a new problem of leaking.

Little leaks can lead to other problems with your structure, defacing the exterior of your home and adding to the chance of rot. Minor leaks can erode the fasteners that hold those gutters to the roof, creating a hazard that could fall and injure a family member or visitor. The best solution to the problem of leaking gutters is installing seamless gutters.

If you've never seen them, they work essentially like their traditional counterparts, with a distinct advantage – they are cut and bent from a single piece of tubing. That means for the most part, seamless gutters have no joints, or fasteners. Although seams do exist in corners and the connections to downspouts, these can generally be secured far better during installation than anything you could do on your own. These gutter systems, when installed by a professional gutter company, can be installed very quickly also.

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