4 Signs that Your Gutters Need Replacing

4 Signs that your Gutters Need Replacing - Image 1


Gutters are easy to ignore since they’re such a basic aspect of your home’s facade. But make no mistake, a functional gutter not only protects your home from water damage, but keeps your landscaping from eroding. Though you can expect them to last many years, even well-maintained gutters don’t last forever. Sela’s experts can help you identify problems, necessary fixes, and economical, lasting replacements. Here are a few telltale signs that may indicate that you need an update:

Cracks & Leaks

Take a spin around your home’s perimeter. Do you see any cracks, erosion or discoloration? While large cracks are easy enough to repair, keep a close eye out for networks of smaller cracks that may not be immediately visible. Often discoloration indicates a hairline leak or separated seaming. Additionally, if your landscaping is eroding in areas where it shouldn't be, it could be caused by water that is not being properly channeled by your gutters. If you see any issues, contact Sela to come take a look — consultations are free!

Peeling Paint

While you may consider peeling paint on the exterior of your home to simply be a byproduct of age, this may not be the case. Bubbling and peeling on painted siding or gutters can indicate excess moisture, especially if you’re seeing this only in specific areas — it is likely caused by a leak. Sela can analyze your situation and help define whether you need a repair or replacement.

A Moldy Basement

If you’ve noticed a moldy smell or discoloration on your basement walls, it may be a sign of a malfunctioning gutter. Water that is not being properly channeled away from your foundation can seep in over time and cause major damage. Do a walk-through of your underground levels and make note of any changes in smell or look.

Separating Seams & Hardware

While a separated gutter seam can occasionally be repaired, it is recommended to keep a close eye on any areas where two horizontal sections meet. Since the integrity of your system relies on intersecting pieces, it’s essential that they hold up. Do you see any bolts, nails or screws that are lifting away from the gutter or wall? Do a seasonal check of each point in your gutter system — if the seams are visibly weakening or you see hardware separating, it may be time for a replacement.

Not sure if your gutters need replacing? Give us a call for a free consultation and estimate. Our work is backed by a lifetime guarantee and our experts have years of experience. Contact us today to learn more!

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