3 Tips for Fall Gutter Cleaning by Sela Gutter Connection

3 Tips for Fall Gutter Cleaning

The autumn leaves are falling, which means it’s almost time for everyone’s favorite chore: seasonal gutter cleaning! As exciting as this task sounds, it’s a necessary component to home ownership. If you want to avoid hiring a professional and opt to do it yourself, keep in mind the following tips:

Safety First

Enlist a helper to spot you while you’re on the ladder, hand you tools, and generally watch out for your safety. Remember to wear work gloves to protect your hands from potential loose screws or jagged edges, as well as dirt and grime. Consider tying a garbage bag to your belt or to the ladder for easy access as opposed to holding it in your hand.

Removing Leaves

Use a trowel (such as one for bulb-planting) to scoop leaves and debris from your gutters — its narrow design is great for getting into corners and prying up impacted material. You can also use your hands the old-fashioned way, or a combination of the two techniques. If you find this task overly tedious, consider having gutter guards installed next spring — they’ll save you time and headaches!

When to Clean?

Kill two birds with one stone by setting aside a day or weekend for both raking and gutter cleaning. Once all or most of the leaves have fallen from the trees on your property, it’s time. Get the family involved to assist and have fun making fall memories together (you’re never too old to jump in a pile of leaves!).

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