Hail Damage Information for Homeowners

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Hail is a form of precipitation that can deliver noticeable damage to the environment and property. According to Roofer’s Guild, it typically takes hail larger than ½ inch (marble-sized) to deliver substantial damage, but it is important to be mindful when severe weather hits. While it is easy to spot dents in your car, patio furniture, or your home’s siding, don’t forget to check your home’s roof. Just because a roof’s integrity looks fine from ground level, does not mean that the roof has not been compromised, especially with the amount of surface area exposed to a hailstorm. A few key indicators of hail damage to a roof include exposed asphalt, dents or cracks in shingles, as well as shingles missing completely.


So, what happens when you finally notice hail damage to your roof? Many homeowners might think they are out of options because a significant amount of time has passed. What is important to note is that depending on the insurance company, homeowners have one to two years from the initial damage to file an insurance claim. We hope this information alone saves a lot of money and headaches for our community. Our team of skilled estimators is also ready to help navigate inspections and insurance information to assist our customers during their roof replacement process.


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