Advantages of Gutter Guards

Sela Gutter Connection is proud to provide quality gutter guards from LeafX. These gutter guards come in 14 different colors to choose from and are backed by a clog-free warranty. But what else is so great about having these gutter guards for your gutter system?


First and foremost, gutter guards are designed to filter out debris of all sizes. This helps water flow through the gutters and out through the downspouts and prevents consistent clogging of your gutters.


Leaves, branches, acorns, and more can easily build up and clog the natural flow of water, leading to backup and possible damage to your home. If you live in an area with a lot of surrounding trees, it is incredibly easy to have your gutter system bogged down, even with regular gutter cleaning.


These gutter guards not only look good but perform excellently as well. The best thing too, is these gutter guards are easily installed underneath the first layer of roof shingles, providing a clean and quality look to your home. Our licensed team of contractors at Sela Gutter Connection is ready to outfit your home with the latest and highest quality LeafX Gutter Guards.


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