Winter is Here - Tips to Keep Your Home Safe from the Elements

Ice dams, according to the National Weather Service, occur when snow buildup on a roof melts during the day and refreezes overnight with colder temperatures. These ice dams during the Winter can lead to damage to your shingles, roof, attic, walls, and more.


So how can you protect your home and prevent ice dams from forming? It starts with having proper insulation in your attic. Without sufficient insulation, heat from your home will rise and help lead to the melting of snow on the roof. If possible, clearing the snow off your roof is also a good way to avoid excessive snowmelt and refreezing.


Another important note is to be careful when clearing icicles. It is important to remove icicles that could fall and cause injury, but those icicles could extend into the gutters or beneath the shingles. When you clear an icicle, that base of the icicle could cause damage to your home’s roof or gutters.


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